Commission Work

I take commissioned work on a case by case basis. This is not my fulltime job, which means I only have so much time to dedicate to it. I have to be very selective because of this.

My collection is not dead animals, it is a mental list of species I have built. So what I’ll accept is heavily based on that, or species I just enjoy building repeatedly, which isn’t many.

I mostly work with reptiles, birds, and small exotic mammals. If you have an animal I want to build, I’ll most likely do it. However I won’t do cats and dogs due to the emotional attachment people have with them.

I do not accept art commissions. Only skulls and full skeletons. My brain just doesn’t work that way. I don’t want to build your idea. I want to build mine.

Accepted for Skull Preservation

  • Any and all.

Not Accepted For Full Skeletons

  • Domestic Cats
  • Domestic Dogs
  • Ferrets
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters/Gerbils
  • Rats/Mice
  • Ball Pythons

Species I Want to Build

  • Large Exotic Birds (Toucans, Parrots, Hornbills, etc…)
  • Monkeys/Apes
  • Lemurs
  • Borneo Earless Monitor
  • Shingle Backed Skink
  • Etc…

Turn Around Time

Depending on the species, size, and condition of the animal, the turn around time can be as little as two or three months, or 1-2 years. 95% of this time is spent degreasing the bones. This is out of my control. It just takes however long it takes to degrease. If you ship me a medium to large mammal, it could take me 12-18 months just to get the bones ready to build. The grease must be removed from the bones, and this step will not be skipped. Even a small lizard can take a month or two for me to degrease. It is what it is.

With this in mind, one thing I cannot stand is being asked about the animal frequently. I don’t mind asking for an update every few months, but I have dealt with people in the past that want an update weekly. The answer is “It’s still degreasing” every single time. It is a lengthy process. So please keep that in mind.

Also, I might ballpark the degreasing time frame for you, but I could be totally wrong. If the animal was obese, then it will take longer than other animals within the same species.

So with all of that said, once you send the animal to me, just know you will get it back, and relax. Go on about your life, and when it is ready, I’ll definitely contact you. Because you know…I want to get paid for my work.

Artistic Freedom

I’m only willing to take on skeleton projects if I have artistic freedom. If someone is too specific on how and what they want, I’ll pass. I’ll ask you if you want it wall mounted or free standing, and that is about it. Beyond that, I want to position it how I see fit. If that doesn’t work for you, then I’m not the person you’re looking for.


Price varies by project, obviously. Skulls are of course the more affordable option and start at $20, plus shipping both ways, and go up from there. Full skeletons start at $200 for something small, plus shipping both ways, and go up from there.

I will gladly show you a shipping receipt with the price, but keep in mind that does not include the shipping packaging, which for medium to large skeletons can be another $30-$60.


Shipping the animal to me is typically not that expensive, anywhere from $20-$60 with shipping supplies included. Large animals are of course higher. Something like a Baboon can cost $150-$200 just to ship it to me frozen. Return shipping on skulls is very affordable, usually $8-$20.

I no longer ship full skeletons. No matter what I did I couldn’t get my odds better than 9 out of 10 making it to their destination unharmed. When shipping anything, with any standard major shipping company, you are at the whim of what is usually an 18-25 year old guy in the loading docks that may or may not be an immature asshole that thinks it’s funny to toss and kick things. This is out of my hands, and after 2 major projects of mine were destroyed beyond repair I put an end to shipping most skeletons. Sometimes small reptiles are still ok.

I do, however, love roadtrips. Just covering my expense on driving the skeleton to you can often be less than shipping something medium sized and up because skeletons have to be double boxed with stuffing in between the boxes. This makes the box huge even just for a cat sized animal.

If you live too far away then it is best to meet me at one of the Reptile Conventions I vend around the country annually. I can meet you along the way or at the show to deliver the skeleton.

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