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Chest Freezer Dermestarium

Learn how to build a Dermestarium out of a chest freezer for Dermestid Beetles. I improved upon a classic design.

Glass Door Cooler Dermestarium

Learn how to build a Dermestarium out of a glass door cooler for Dermestid Beetles. Highly recommended method if you only work on small to medium animals. My own design.

Recent Post

How to Process Osteoderms

How to Process Osteoderms

Osteoderms are something I find fascinating and use in my art fairly often. They are boney deposits in the skin of certain reptiles like Alligators and Gila Monsters. Getting them cleanly out of the skin, especially when talking about tiny osteoderms from Gila...

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Croc Monitor Gets Claws

Croc Monitor Gets Claws

The Croc Monitor I have been building recieved his claws recently. His real claws were fairly worn down and because of that they didn't service processing very well. The claws and teeth of this species are easily the most impressive part so it seemed wrong to let him...

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Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Last year I applied for, and received, my Federal Migratory Bird Act Taxidermy Permit. This month I finally was able to utilize the permit. What this post shows is 100% illegal for anyone without this permit, so please keep that in mind. You can not possess these...

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Who the hell is Rickey Wheeler?

 I’m the product of poverty and creativity. I come from a long line of bastards and whores. I’m Irish, Scottish, Native American, and a smidge Jewish. I’m a high school dropout and business owner. I’m a dad and husband. I’m compulsive in a useful and annoying way. I’m a guy from North East Texas that likes to learn new skills and make things.

Skeleton Builder

I build anatomically correct skeletons, and preserve skulls. I mostly work with reptiles and birds, but occasionally mammals as well. 

Reptile Breeder

I mostly work with Drymarchon species, but I don’t like to limit myself. I breed what I like. I don’t chase the next morph, or the current trend. I work with Eastern Indigos, Black-Headed Pythons, Red-Sided Garter Snakes, Mexican Black Kingsnakes, and more. I am a one man show and have a very limited amount of offspring available each year.

Artist of Sorts

When the perfect storm forms I end up with inspiration and random bones from random species. I create art when I feel like it. Sometimes months go by.